5 Best 55 Inch 4k TV in India 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Review

Are you looking for the best 55 inch 4k TV in India for your home? If yes, thats the right place for you.

Since technology has become advanced, life has become easier. TVs are one of the main sources of entertainment in everyones lives. Finding a perfect TV for your home is not as difficult as you thought it would be. Especially if you are searching for a medium-size living room.

best 55 inch 4k TV in India

If you dont have much furniture in your living room to place, then simply get a 55-inch 4K TV in your living room after that you will not feel empty space there. One big advantage of getting a 55-inch TV is that you dont feel less than a theatre in your own home.

And if your TV is a 4K TV, then you have it all. So take a look at the list of the best 55-inch 4K TV in India along with the buying guide.

List of Best 55-inch 4K TV in India –

LGPort- 2(USB)+3(HD)
Warranty-1 Year
Check Price
MiPort- 2(USB)+3(HD)
Warranty- 1 Year
Check Price
Samsung 6 SeriesPort- 1(USB)+2(HD)
Warranty- 1 Year
Check Price
Sony Port- 2(USB)+4(HD)
Warranty- 1 Year
Check Price
Samsung Port- 3(USB)+4(HD)
Warranty- 1+1 Year
Check Price

1- LG 55 inches 55UK6360PTE – With Magic Remote

Starting with the best, LG is a well-known name when it comes to TV. And this model has an IPS 4K UHD panel of high quality because of this, there can be absolutely no issues in the viewing angle. Be it the sound or picture quality, LG proves to be better day by day. This TV will have the DTS virtual X that has multi-dimensional sound. You can simply connect your Bluetooth headphones or soundbar to make optimum use of this TV.

The panel supports HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro. Also, since it is a smart TV, it has a Web OS through which you can surf social media sites on your big screen easily. It also comes with a magic remote which is indeed very important as by using that magic remote, you will get ease in typing while using the internet.

  • Has pre-installed Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • DTS Virtual X sound quality.
  • Magic remote
  • Overpriced
  • The Design may look bulky.

2- Mi LED TV 4 PRO 55 inch – Ultra HD Android TV

MI is a brand that is rapidly increasing its market. Indeed, their products are for sure good to buy. One such product is their latest launched LED TV. Their LED 55 Inch TV is very slim looking and has a great look with a sturdy build. It has a plastic shell and thick borders in the design.

Be it connecting the TV with your smartphone, or your home theatre system, MI TV has enough connectivity ports available. You can also connect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to your TV. This TV comes with 8GB internal storage and a 64-bit quad-core processor with 2GB RAM. You can install different apps on your TV and its 4K+ HDR10 will ensure you give the best visual experience.

best 55 inch 4k TV in India MI

It also has an inbuilt chrome cast, google voice search, and Patchwall through this your TV will automatically adapt to the latest trends going on. Overall, it is a great package deal for all those who are looking forward to a 55-inch 4K TV.

  • Easy to use remote
  • Google voice search
  • Great picture quality.
  • It doesnt support Netflix and Amazon Prime

3- Samsung 55 inches UA55NU6100 – Best for Game Lovers

Samsung is a brand that we all trust. This model has an amazing display, sleek design and superb features that make it worthy enough to be on the list. You will be able to watch the videos and content from your smartphone to your TV. You can also turn it into a virtual music system.

Apart from that, you also can make your computer your PC and work on it by sharing the screen of your laptop. Be it your phone or laptop, you can always use the feature mirror screen and control the features by remote control. However, your phone should be compatible with it. Generally, you can do it with any smartphone.

  • Unlimited free gaming
  • Clear picture quality and sound
  • Smartthings app
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No enough connectivity ports

4- Sony Bravia 55 inches KD-55A8GUltra HD OLED TV

Sony is known to be the best brand to make TV. One thing is for sure if you purchase Sony once, you will never look back on any brand at all. This Sony Bravia LED has received the highest degree of clarity in pictures.

Out of all the brands we have mentioned here, you will find this model to be the best in terms of clarity with more than 8 million self-illuminating pixels.

best 55 inch 4k TV in India sony

In simple words, because of these pixels, you will be able to see the different shades of black, white, and other shades clearly. The visual you will see, the picture will be so clear that you will feel it in reality as well. In short, the money you are going to spend will be worth it here. But for buying this TV, you really have to increase your budget.

It works on Android and has in Built Wi-Fi. Because of this, you will be able to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and surf other sites. Other than that, it also has IR- Blaster remote control and Dolby Vision.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Smart TV features and apps available
  • OLED display and 4K X reality PRO
  • Price is very high comparatively

5- Samsung 55 inches QA55Q60RAKXXL – Amazing Picture Quality

Another model of Samsung is in the list of best 55 Inch 4k TV in India. But trust me, this model is truly deserving to be on this list. This model of Samsung is all new and it comes with Quantum Processor 4K in order to optimize the viewing conditions.

If you are bored with your TV or you are in a working mood, then you are free to use this TV as your laptop/PC. its home cloud will enable you to save all your data automatically without needing any wires to transfer.

best 55 Inch 4k TV in India samsung

The picture quality of the TV is very clear and perfect so that you will be able to differentiate between the colors clearly. You can also use the AI Upscaling feature through which you can easily reduce the image noise and create the clarity that you are looking for.

It also has the QLEDS intelligent mode which will adjust the screen according to the environment and lights. It will automatically adjust the intensity. Not only the light but the volume will also be adjusted accordingly. You can connect the TV to other devices.

It also has AirPlay 2 compatibility and the services of Google Assistant which will make your life simpler and easier. Features such as Two-way sharing and Live cast features are also available on this TV.

  • Two-way sharing feature available.
  • Clear picture quality
  • High-quality processor
  • AI-enabled feature
  • Price maybe overpriced

Buying guide for best 55 Inch 4k TV in India

Why should you change your TV? If you have that old normal TV, then you may understand it but what if you already have a good working LED TV? Why do you need to buy a new TV? And what are the things you should know before you make your purchase? These are the few things that will hit you hard while reading this article. However, buying a new TV is totally your choice. But yes, upgrading will always help and will never go waste. But talking about what are the things you need to know, lets talk about it in detail here.

Buying guide for best 55 Inch 4k TV

Types of LED TV

Do you know that there are different types of LED TVs available in the market? Let us talk about them and understand the difference in brief here.


The very first one is LED TV. And they will be a lighter and smarter version of your old TV. They use light-emitting diodes and also deliver a much better image.  LED TV is generally smaller, affordable, and more advanced.


As we know that LED TV uses light-emitting diodes, the QLED TV uses quantum dots in order to increase the color spectrum which is better and gives a clear display than the previous one (LED TV). All over, you can say that it is a more advanced version of the LED TV. However, not many brands make QLED TV.


The last one, OLED TV is all about bringing natural light. Yes, they depend on organic LED for picture representation.  Also, the O denotes organic here. And yes, they are way better than LED TVs and also the bigger ones too. The price of the TV will also show you the same.

Things to look for when buying a 4K TV in India

Once you are done with understanding the basic types of LED TVs, you must think of other important factors too as they are equally important when you are going to make your purchase. So here are the few things that you must check out before you purchase your best 55 Inch  4K LED TV.

1- Screen Size

It is quite an obvious but very important one. Yes, do not ignore or take it lightly. The screen size is going to matter a lot. You may think that some inches wont matter much but it does. So be careful and understand the right size of TV required for your living room. If you purchase a bigger or smaller size, in both cases, it will look really odd. So make sure to choose the right size.

2- Look for HDR

You will always want the color of the display to be top-notch and thats why HDR is important. You must check it out as it will amplify the color of the display. As you are going to buy a 4k one, you will for sure get it.

3- Screen resolution

You will love to have the best screen quality while watching a film. And for this, you have to take care of the screen resolution at the time of purchasing it. The 4K quality will give you refined and crisper picture quality. You can also go for the 8K one but that may look too much for your budget.

4- Sound quality

Wont you like to have a TV with the best sound quality? For this, you have to pay attention to the sound quality of the TV as much as you care about the picture quality. For this, you should always look for a TV with Dolby surrounds.


After this, you must take a glimpse at the common and frequently asked questions too. And maybe, that would help you better.

1- How to decide the size?

This will purely depend on the area where you are planning to keep the TV. For eg, if you are planning to take it in your room, make sure that you measure the dimensions of your room and then plan accordingly. If your room is big, you will need a bigger size LED. But if your room is a normal size or a small one, go for the smaller ones.

2- Should I go for a 4K TV?

Yes, you must go for it if you have a budget for it. HD TV is common and for experiencing something extra, you must take a tour of 4K picture quality. 

3- Should I look for great sound quality?

You may not think much about the sound quality at the time of buying it but later on, you will. You must check out the sound quality and know about it before you make your choice.

4- Will I get the wall mount?

You may get the wall mount free with your model. But it depends on the model you are buying. If in case you dont get it for free, then you must look for good deals to buy a wall mount. Alternatively. You can also place it on a table or preferably on a TV unit.

5- How long will my LED TV go?

There are no claims proven to be true till now as the technology is still new to us. However, you can expect it to work for around 100,000 hours approx.

Buying Tips for 4K TV in India

Now, this is something extra or can be said as a bonus to you all. Here are some buying tips that we have gathered from experts for you.

1- Budget

The budget is the biggest criterion for selecting any product. And whenever you go out shopping, you must make a budget for it. For products such as TV, you may get confused while purchasing whether to invest the money or not, and hence, it is always better to keep a budget so that you can see the products in that range only.

2- Dont fall for traps

By this, we mean the features which are totally useless or are something that you may never be going to use but like at the time of buying. There will be many features in every model but you have to make sure that you focus on the right one only.

3- Connectivity is the key

You must buy a device that you can connect to any other device. No matter if you are going to use that feature now or not, think about the future and try to buy a better connectivity one. There should be enough ports available for connectivity and also, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should work well.

So, it was all about the 55 Inch 4K LED TV you want to purchase in India. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please connect to us by commenting in the given space below this article. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Best 55 Inch 4k TV in India

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