[TOP] 4 Cheapest 4K TV in India

Are you the one who watches entertainment content on old Television and is searching for a budget-friendly 4K TV? Then guess what you are in the right place where we have brought you the list of 4 best cheapest 4K TV in India.

The list consists of many good and trusted 4K TV brands such as Panasonic, Kevin, Samsung, etc. All the best TV under 40000 INR rupees. You can easily select your ideal TV that reaches your demands and needs.


We know how much trust you develop on us that is why we provide our readers with information that is highly researched and is 100% true. We have carried out exhaustive research in order to find the Cheapest 4K TV in India.

The research and the information is provided on the basis of-

  • Money Value products
  • Sustainability
  • New technologies
  • Real Reviews
  • Security level 
  • Durability eventually

On this acknowledged aspect the “Best Cheapest 4K TV in India” is classified and given positions up to 4.

The positions are allocated to these brands and the Cheapest 4k TV in India –


1. KEVIN 49 INCH 4K TV- Voice Supports Feature

Kevin 49 Inch 4k TV has achieved 1st position in our list of Cheapest 4k TV in India. Kevin has eventually left a good mark on Indian customers. Through providing the best quality 4K TVs in recent years constantly. This is the 2019 variant potential high-quality 49 Inches Smart TV corresponding with 4K Resolution Pixels and picture quality.

Cheapest 4K TV in India

The LED TV provides a display with HDR10 that is responsible for providing the best color and immersive visuals easily. One of the best features provided by Kevin is that they provide a potential 1-year warranty on this TV.

Kevin 49 also is equipped with Thin Bezels around the potential peripherals that tend to provide an attractive look on your wall and large living rooms.

Kevin 49 also has its own in-build High-Quality Wi-Fi that is operated easily and effectively on the android operation system. Thus, you can easily gain access to apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix on the LED TV with just one click.

From the hardware aspect, the Kevin 49 is manufactured with 1GB RAM in addition to a potential 8 GB Storage and Anti-Lag Feature. The TV also supports voice commands resulting in providing fast and quick access to apps. It also has 3 HDMI and 2 USB Ports for an external device connection as per the user. You can easily connect your Play Station and Gaming Console to have an incredible gaming experience.

  • In-Build Wi-Fi
  • Voice Supports Feature
  • Strong Hardware Features
  • Wide Range Color Gamut
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Service After-Sales

2. PANASONIC 49 INCH 4K TV- Smart Android TV

Panasonic 55 Inch Ultra HD 4k Led Smart TV has achieved 2nd position in our list of Cheapest 4k TV in India. This TV offers brand trust eventually as Panasonic is an Age-old brand and has given great quality TV to the market. The 4K TV has a 49-Inch Display providing easy punchier colors to the viewer as well as a Wide-Angle View. The TV provides an amazing viewing angle of 178 Degrees.

The 49-inch high-quality display has a High HD Resolution that helps the user to enjoy and experience every second of the viewing time TV. It is a Smart Android TV and supports and provides entertainment apps like Netflix and Facebook to the user. Though the TV has the highest price among the other TV on the list but is the most recommended and high-quality TV on the list.

The Panasonic LED is manufactured with 3 HDMI 7 3 USB Ports to connect an external device. The speaker equipped has an output of 20W to provide good high-quality sound to the user. The brightness of the LED is 450 Nits and weighs about 21.5KG. The LED is available with a 1-year exclusive warranty.

  • Good High-Quality Sound
  • Trusted Brand
  • Android TV
  • 178-Degree Wide-Angle View
  • 1-Year Exclusive Warranty
  • Low Hardware Storage

3. SAMSUNG 43 INCH 4K TV- Android TV

Samsung 43 Inch Ultra HD 4k Led Smart TV has achieved the 3rd position in our list of Cheapest 4k TV in India. In a similar price range, Samsung offers full HD TV with an old design but this design is new and with upgraded modern features.

Cheapest 4K TV in India SAMSUNG

This is a 43-Inch Sleek Design TV that has thin bezels to add extreme beauty to the room comfortably. Corresponding to the great display the TV is believed to support a Resolution Of 4K Ultra HD making it a valuable product. Samsung has never provided this high-quality feature in such a price range.

The LED also has HDR Technology responsible for providing a detailed vision of the object appearing on the screen. This is an android TV and can be easily connected through an android smartphone. Resulting in access to endless entertaining content online without any interception. 

The Samsung 43 Inch Ultra HD 4k Led Smart TV also provides Samsung Cloud Syncing to store your important content online increasing security and storage.

The LED provides high-quality 20 W Samsung Speakers that are loud and clear. Correspondingly for connectivity with external device 2 HDMI and 1USB port is used. Though the USB port provided is only 1 resulting in the formation of major 7 only drawbacks of the TV. 

The TV also provides the Mega Contrast (Static) feature. The TV weighs for about 7.4 KG and comes with a 1-year exclusive warranty & additional 1-year exclusive warranty on the panel from Samsung.

  • Resolution Of 4K Ultra HD
  • Android TV
  • Samsung Cloud Syncing
  • Mega Contrast (Static)
  • 1-Year Exclusive Warranty On Panel
  • 1USB Port Connection Only


TCL 55 Inch Ultra HD 4k Smart Android TV has achieved the 4th position in our list of Cheapest 4k TV in India. This TV has a high-quality massive 55-Inch Display with high-resolution ULTRA HD 4K ability.

Cheapest 4K TV in India TCL

The LED is highly equipped with features like Dolby Audio, True color, UHD, and HDR to provide comfort to the user. The TV also provides Google Voice Search increasing the rapid search and providing flexibility eventually.

The TV has an Elegantly Designed Metal Frame that eventually enhances the heat-radiating area resulting in adding a hint of beauty to the design of the TV. Due to the 4K Resolution feature, the picture quality of the LED is super sharp and crisp.

The HDR and Micro Dimming Features of TCL 55 Inch Ultra HD 4k Smart Android TV provide an excellent viewing experience. The TV weighs about 13.8 KG and provides ULTRA HD 4K 3840 x 2160 pixel display. The domestic warrant on the product is 1 year from the date of purchase.

In the audio aspect, the TCL 4K TV is equipped with Dobly Audio and stereo to surround Sound Box Speaker to provide loud and clear sound to the user. The combination of the dual speaker provides an output of 16 W which fell amazing while hearing.

The TV has 2.5GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage making it smooth in multitasking capabilities. The brightness of the LED is over 280 nits and the contrast of the TV is 6/14/1900 16:01 (Static) which provides excellent viewing capabilities.

  • High Internal Storage
  • ULTRA HD 4K 3840 X 2160 Pixel Display
  • Multi-Tasking Capabilities
  • Elegantly Designed Metal Frame
  • Micro Dimming Feature
  • The sound quality could have been better

Our Best Recommendation for Cheapest 4K TV in India-


TV is one of the most important electronic gadgets in today’s generation. As it helps you to stay updated about your society and surroundings and entertain yourself at any desired time of the day.

Entertainment is an important aspect of life. As it helps you stay happy and produce good vibes that help you to grow. And eventually, gain knowledge easily and comfortably.

Due to its increase in demand, the variety of the Cheapest 4K TV in India the Availability of Cheapest 4k TV in India has also increased in the electronic market.

Resulting in the creation of confusion in the mind of the consumer regarding which is the Best Cheapest 4K TV in India for them. But our list of the Cheapest 4K TV in India will surely help a large amount of audience to refer to this list and choose a suitable and ideal Cheapest 4K TV.

If you have any queries or any suggestions regarding “Cheapest 4K TV in India”. Please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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