4 Cheapest 65-inch 4K TV In India At Reasonable Price

The 4K innovative display technology, coupled with ultra HD resolution entirely changes the traditional mode of entertainment at your home. A 65-inch large screen complements this dominant technology in every way. The featured pixels more than millions in number ensures the sharpness and the detail of the images. So, the cheapest 65-inch 4K TV in India is an ideal electronic appliance to experience life-like characters of the entertainment world.

So, while you decide to buy any top-notch model of 4K TV, these details guide you properly to select the right model with exclusive features. You will get the proper idea about which model you should buy at the cheapest price tag along with trendy attributes.

List of Cheapest 65-inch 4K TV At Reasonable Price

1. Sanyo (65 inch) 4K LED TV – Easy Installation

This top-notch model of the Sanyo Android Series is one of the cheapest 65-inch 4K TV in India. Along with supreme authentication from Google, it features the latest original Android operating system - Oreo 8.0 for providing an enchanting experience in the entertainment world.

Cheapest 65-inch 4K TV sanyo

With Sanyo 4K UHD Smart model you will get an exclusive scope to access plenty of authorized apps on the official Android Google Play Store. Its innovative the mic button scopes to access your favorite content through a speech within a moment without any hassle of typing or scrolling.

Just pronounce Cricket highlights on Youtube and you will get the flash of your asked content on a TV screen. It also features an in-built Chromecast to stream content such as TV shows, games, and music directly from your device to a TV screen.

The IPS technology of prompt switching is exclusively combined with HDR 10. It is capable to represent clarified and crystal clear color pictures along with ultra high definition 4K technology from a diverse viewing angle.

Sanyo TV scopes you to experience theatre-like sound which echoes in your living room. Loftier acoustics of the HDMI sound feature ensures HD quality of sound with the incorporation Dolby Digital audio system.

Sanyo TVs of Android Series incorporates a streamlined design along with a slim, elegant bezel as well as the complimentary metallic finish to lift the aesthetic level of your living room interior.


  • Value For Money - 4.9
  • Picture Quality - 4.3
  • Smart Features - 4.3
  • Voice Recognition- 4.1
  • Sound Quality - 4.1
  • Easy To Use - 4.1
  • Inclusion of seamless wall mount for easy installation
  • Scope to experience personalized content
  • Unlimited gaming
  • Extensive gallery of Apps
  • Flawless connectivity
  • Thriving aesthetics
  • Loftier acoustics of Dolby audio
  • In-built chromecast.
  • Voice Command
  • Do not support Amazon prime videos

2. Samsung (65 Inch) 4K LED TV – Twin-sharing Technology

The exclusive features of Samsung Smart LED TV scopes you to mirror well-equipped laptops or computers and you can experience all the convenience of a large screen during working with the cloud.

This super-smart cheapest 65 inches 4K TV in India is ideal to access any personalized playlist with a loftier visual experience. It can convert the TV into a virtual music system having multiple color tones along with exclusive beats of sound.

The automatic and wireless connectivity of any virtual device with this Smart Samsung model scopes you to free space from your PC and mobile. Thus, you get relief by saving your most important files in the Samsung Smart TV safely.

The exclusive connectivity enables live streaming and limitless broadcasting on Samsung Smart TV anytime from anywhere. To make the living room ambiance full of entertaining join your smartphone and smart TV. And you will experience a loftier level of limitless entertainment.

The innovative twining technology of sharing lets you transfer music and video files from smartphone to TV, as well as you can access TV content on your smartphone. The HDR quality of high-definition pictures and top-notch contrast ratio optimizes the clarity of watching TV in every possible way. Samsung Smart Tv provides crisp images with 4K UHD real resolution.


  • Value For Money - 4.5
  • Picture Quality - 4.9
  • Smart Features - 4.6
  • Voice Recognition- 4.0
  • Sound Quality - 4.7
  • Easy To Use - 4.8
  • Simplified controlling unit for easy access.
  • Top-notch UHD processor
  • Twin-sharing technology of entertainment
  • Live streaming mechanism
  • Able to work as a home cloud.
  • Interactive with the command of Alexa
  • None

3. Panasonic 65-inch 4K LED TV – Better Display

This trendy model of Panasonic provides you seamless display due to the high resolution of 4k UHD along with top-notch digital formats of video, as well as a 16:9 aspect ratio. The incredible refreshing rate of 50 hertz makes the Ultra HD LED model more vigorous to deliver images without any interruption.

Concerning the connectivity issue, it features 3 HDMI ports for sturdy connection with the set-top box, gaming console, and Blu Ray Players. It also incorporates 5 USB ports for connecting USB devices and hard drives.

30 watts output ensures a loftier quality of sound which makes your living room alive. It also includes smart and trendy features like Hexa Chroma Drive supported by Home OS. The super bright IPS Panel ensures the intelligible picture quality of this model. Therefore, the cheapest 65-inch 4K TV in India has become popular for its incredible features.


  • Value For Money - 4.5
  • Picture Quality - 4.9
  • Smart Features - 4.1
  • Voice Recognition- 4.0
  • Sound Quality - 4.1
  • Easy To Use - 4.1
  • Provide maximum resolution of the display
  • Incorporation of the smart connector such as HDMI, USB
  • Support of Bluetooth Technology
  • Loftier aspect ratio 16:09
  • Direct support from Panasonic
  • Bit heavy

4. TCL (65 inch) 4K LED TV – Android TV

TCL has presented Android TV along with Google authentication. This model features a world-class Harman-Kardon speaker coupled with Dolby digital technology to make your audio experience loftier.

Cheapest 65-inch 4K TV TCL

This model is facilitated with all the official services of Google such as Voice Search, Chrome cast, Google movie, Play store, and more. The authentication of the original Android OS and Google certification ensures the intelligent presentation of smart entertainment.

The ultra-visual technology certifies crystal clear representation of all shades of natural color to deliver immersive displaying. Google empowers this model with intelligent technology, scopes you to command your TV, and the TCL remote makes possible unlimited gaming on the giant screen.


  • Value For Money - 4.6
  • Picture Quality - 4.6
  • Smart Features - 4.3
  • Voice Recognition- 4.5
  • Sound Quality - 4.7
  • Easy To Use - 4.4
  • Certified by Google for official Android OS
  • Robust Hardware Incorporation
  • A world-class sound system of Harman Kardon
  • 4K display powered by 8 million pixel
  • Authentication of all Google services
  • Do not support Bluetooth technology

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