VU Iconium 43 4K Smart TV Review 2023

In this era where we are living it’s not okay to have an old-dated TV. Now everyone wants to be digital and modernize and if we talk about TV’s so most people are switching to 4K smart TV’s. 4K smart TV provides you an outstanding resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 which is truly very interesting. According to a survey, it is not tough to get a 4K TV these days because VU Iconium 43 4K smart TV provides all the facilities at a cheap budget.

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VU Iconium 43 4K Smart TV Review 2020

This Smart TV has a refresh rate of 60 hertz which is perfect for you. You don’t need to make a doubt if you are looking for any smart TV. This TV provides a great design that looks very eye-catching. The smart TV offers the bright white light in its border which makes it more effective by its look. The VU Iconium smart TV is one of the finest worth for money propositions around. If your heart is set on a 4K TV, this is a very decent choice to consider. This Smart TV can satisfy the one who wants to enjoy 4K resolution with all aspects of TV.

VU Iconium 43 4K smart TV

Pure Prism Panel

VU uses a high power panel with the exact white balance for the best watching experience even in daylight. We make sure the intensity to ensure even brightness across all edges and angles and standardized white balance for bright colors qualities. This will be best for those who trust in a bigger than life performing experience.

Each product launch adds to our sureness and resolution to offer the best of tools without cooperating on the aesthetic features of our products. Vu is the merely TV maker providing A+ Grade panels in India. Are you seeking the best smart TV around the market? Go and buy in VU Iconium 43 4K smart TV.

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Apps on Smart Remote

Play apps, for example, Netflix, prime video, YouTube, Hotstar and Google play on remote which generates a more attractive and effortless chance for users to use videos and apps in the fastest mode. A touch of a key you can promptly access your preferred apps. The smart remote can effortlessly set up and use by anybody and ease everyone by providing complete control in your hand.

You only need to set your location, select your TV providers, and pair the app with your TV. By using this feature users will feel more convenient to access.

Google Android Pie 9.0

Designed with Android PIE 9.0 provides access to the whole Google network such as Play store, games, movies. Certified Google play store with the support of
8GB storage and lots of movies, episodes, and games from Google Play, YouTube and all your desired applications. Now discover more content with authorized Android OS.

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Adaptive Contrast and Digital MPEG Noise Reduction

Adaptive contrast lets the TV to automatically maintain picture quality and brightness. Essentially, this setting will permit the TV mechanically adjust the contrast based on the representations being excelled. MPEG noise reduction cleans up chunk noise around outlines and mosquito noise in the background. See every single picture detail with strong contrast. Automatically darken dark areas and lighten light zones of images to see more details. MPEG noise reduction decreases MPEG block noise and offers clearer edge evolution. Develop how clear the picture seems by reducing noise.

Dolby Audio

Dolby Digital can be understood as the digital audio coding methods that diminish the volume of data required to generate high-quality sound. This takes benefit from the way that human ear processes sound. When coding noise is near to the frequency of an audio signal, that audio signal covers the noise so that the human ear catches only the intended audio signal.

The Dolby Multistream interpreter provides a TV with a single-package for deciphering all general audio content worldwide. Reinforced Dolby Audio set-ups are Dolby Digital, Dolby digital plus.

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PC AND Game Mode

The game mode is intended to advance the overall performance of your PC games,
both raw edge rate swiftness, and overall silkiness. Standardized refresh rate and resolution for the finest gaming skill and computer mode. See every detail very visibly with enhanced brightness for using the monitor for a long time without aching your eyes. Now you will enjoy more than before while playing any game on your smart TV.

VU Iconium 43 4K smart TV will facilitate the users who love to play PC games on TV.

Google Chrome Cast and Bluetooth Connectivity

With Chrome cast fixed, you can effortlessly cast movies, shows, and pictures from your Android, IoS, Mac, Windows devices to your VU TV. Included Bluetooth with a 5.0 version can effortlessly connect your exterior soundbar, headset, gaming pointing device, and other Bluetooth devices. If we talk about additional connectivity so it offers 2 HDMI ports to connect set-top boxes easily.

Blue-ray players and gaming comfort are also available there to simplify you pleasantly. It offers 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices.

  • Pure Prism Panel
  • Google Android Pie 9.0
  • Dolby Audio
  • Pc And Game Mode
  • Apps On Smart Remote
  • Poor Connectivity


With the development in every digital device TV’s are also changing trends. We always make sure that you comprehend every single feature in detail of the product you are going to buy. 4K smart TV has various varieties so we decided to tell you one of the best effective of them. This 4K TV is good for the users who want to enjoy all the features of the smart TV at a reasonable price. For the best picture quality and sound quality, this smart TV is flawless.

VU is giving all facilities at an inexpensive rate in comparison to others. As we know any of the products which we are going to buy must have reliability, likely this product VU Iconium 43 4K smart TV is fully reliable.

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