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VU’s, the most advanced Premium Android TV series, begins to roll out at affordable costs. VU is an Indian brand, which is becoming one of the strongest competitors for the most desirable budget 4K LED TVs in India. This renowned Indian Company is seizing the beast by its spines — catching on the famous television brands like Samsung, LG, or Sony for this matter. Also, it is craving its way by dominating a well-known Chinese brand like Xiaomi. VU has been an innovative TV designing Company that is improving the structure of the expanding Smart TV section, with its invention and sales. VU’s latest creation Android 4K TV. This product is available in four different variations, and the users can pick up any of them as per their requirements. Before we start VU Premium Android 4K TV Review, you might be curious about its specialty. Am I right?

VU Premium Android 4K TV Review

The most exciting thing that you can find here is the Dolby Atmos Audio tuning process which enhances the overall sound quality. Another feature of ActiVoice remote access to Google assistant comes with dedicated functions. Thus, it emerges as a chart-topper like predecessors in the competitive marketplace.

Amazing Facts about VU TV Technologies in the Modern Digital World

In the modern era, people are very enthusiastic about technology, and 4K is the latest “must-have” craze for television to improve more visible details. Its actual palette with WCG technology quickly satisfies the users. Its QLED display with excellent light-absorbing features makes it one of the best products in the digital platform. Moreover, HDR-compatible Supreme technology improves dynamic contrast and offers high-quality pictures.

VU Android 4K TV comes with AnyView cast feature that is quite similar to the seamless Chromecast facilities. The integrated form of the Chromecast functionality comes with the Remote Now app and represents smartly. The quantum pixel light series make the picture distinctly visible.

A Perfect Evaluation of VU Premium LED Smart Android TV Ultra HD(4K)

The world of television is evolving day by day, and nowadays it is the age of smart TVs. Televisions are becoming more intelligent, broader, and sleeker, staying in an affordable price range. VU is an Indian television manufacturer, and they are selling advanced 4K television at an affordable price. As per customers, VU Premium Android 4K TV is pretty good.

It Supports Exclusively Cricket Mode. VU 4K Premium LED Smart Android TV comes with cricket mode, which will excite all cricket lovers. In this mode, the cricket ball will be highlighted to make you watch the ball easily neglecting everything in the background. This unique feature gets activated using maximum brightness and the manager of the other picture settings.

Dolby Vision and HDR 10 technology

VU TV increases the contrast, and color accuracy of the picture you are watching on it by increasing the dark and bright areas, Dolby Vision and HDR10 are responsible for such a mechanism. You can zest a dedicated visual experience in 4K, as this TV is designed to upscale smooth motion ratio and MPEG noise reduction. This TV has an adaptive gamma correction ability. Moreover, UHD resolution certification, HDR technology, and sports mode are more special.

Dolby Audio

This TV has built-in box speakers, also includes Dolby MS12 audio and DBX TV technology, and simplifies powerpack acoustics to deliver a mesmerizing aural experience along with a fantastic visual experience.

VU ActiVoice Remote

The operating system used on this TV is Android 8.0, which allows you to access the play store. You can access Google games, and various applications like YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. You also take advantage of the Acti-Voice remote to deliver a multitude of actions, like searching for various types of content using your voice.

Google Assistant

This TV will allow you to access Google assistant smoothly. You can do so by pressing the Google assistant button on the remote control. So next time, if you want to search for movies and TV shows, you can merely do a voice search to get Google Assistant. The search options will get stored in the Google assistant option, and next time, you have to voice search to discover any applications or movies only.


This TV has a VOD up-scaler, and this technology fecundates the video and audio playback for video-on-demand content like Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming platforms. Video-on-demand content is made with the new camera and VFX technology because of the internet speed on the stand; most of the streams are unable to get maximum resolution.

This TV can work as an alternative to your mobile. The price of these LED TVs has become cheaper to compete with Chinese brands like Xiaomi in the domain of Smart TVs. VU Premium Android 4K TV is not only popular among its buyers but also some say that it is the perfect competition for Xiaomi TV. On the opposite side, people prefer Xiaomi this 4K television for its smart mechanism.

VU 55-OA Premium Android 4K Smart TV nails the market competition(Reviews)

Build quality and design:

It is quite elegantly built, having thin metallic grey bezels surrounding the 55-inch screen, it looks attractive. There are an LED indicator and a power button below the screen. There are a variety of installation options, such as mounting it on the wall or placing it on the table/desk based on where you want to put it. Some metallic screws are included with the TV for holding it firmly in one place without any additional flex. For this reason, there is a positive VU Premium Android 4K TV Review. The TV stand is made out of metal with no compromises on its sturdiness.

The picture quality of VU Premium Android 4K TV :

This TV is capable of playing 4k videos with fantastic contrast and brilliant colors in an excellent manner. Although 1080p videos look quite well when those are played, the ones below 720p feel a little bit washed out. There is also a 4k scaling technology that is included with this TV that performs well enough, but it’s still not perfect yet. It is capable of making smooth video playback while reducing distorting noises. But by doing so, a lot of finer details can’t be possible to show.

The screen is comprised of an 8-bit panel that is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors. The pictures look quite sharp with vibrant color reproduction. The colors are entirely natural and don’t seem to hurt the eyes. This TV is compliant with HDR10 and Dolby vision.

However, the contrast feature fails to perform in high-contrast scenes. There is also some loss of details in darker areas of the videos. Some picture adjustment options are included and highlighted in VU Premium Android 4K TV.

The audio quality of VU Premium Android 4K TV :

There are two stereo speakers are included in this TV, and both of them give a total of 24-watt RMS output. The sounds which are produced are crisp and clean and also have a better semblance of bass.

However, sometimes the output is not much loud as it should be, which makes the volume too low to be heard when it is below 50 percent. Sometimes it is better to plug a soundbar into its audio output to counteract the low amount of inbuilt speakers.

Connectivity and user interface for VU premium android 4K TV :

According to VU Premium Android 4K TV Review, there are plenty of connectivity options such as x2 USB slots, x3 HDMI slots, one RJ45 LAN slot, one audio/video input, one optical output, one 3.5mm headphone jack. All three HDMI ports support ARC. The analog audio has a little bit of an advantage against the 4x pro. Bluetooth 5.0 is supported by this TV, which gives you the option of transmitting the audio over to a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar or a Bluetooth headphones. You can also connect your Phone or laptop to this TV and cast all of their screens on it. All modern WiFi standards, including the bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, are supported by it.

Overall performance:

The boot-up time for this TV is 30 seconds and waking up from sleep mode almost takes 3 to seconds. While going into sleep mode, all the apps remain active and running. If you are running any video app and you switch off the TV via its remote, then after turning on the TV. It will display the same content where you have left it off. Moreover, it is a smart TV that runs on android 8.0 oreo. It has a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor coupled with 1.5 GB of ram and a mali 450 GPU. There is also a Bluetooth remote control, which has an added advantage over other smart TVs from other manufacturers.


This smart TV is an excellent 4K Television in the budget range. Even, there are some drawbacks. They are outweighed by some positive features like a modern design, built-in Chromecast, robust image processing, etc. Vu has made a great comeback with this product after a year-long downfall of its business market.

Sum it Up

In this budget segment, there are no other smart TVs to compete with VU. It can compete with this product in terms of its features and specifications. There are also a lot of positive reviews from the customers who bought it online or from the electronics stores. The future sales of this product look very bright indeed. Discussing on VU Premium Android 4K TV Review, it can be concluded that the TV is an incredibly fantastic invention for experiencing 4K video quality. Apart from that, VU Premium Android 4K is an affordable smart television. Although this smart television has its flaw of having a thick body and not having the in-built player.

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